Welcome to Zico Machines, your trusted partner in machining excellence! As India’s premier manufacturer and supplier of cutting-edge machining solutions, Zico Machines stands at the forefront of innovation and precision. Our diverse product range includes Vertical Machining Centres (VMC), Double VMCs, Horizontal Machining Centre (HMC) machines, Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machines, and much more.

Established in January 2022 by visionary engineers, Mr. Hitesh Tanwar and Mr. Aaditya Vishnoi, Zico Machines was born out of a shared commitment to simplify the complex world of advanced machines. Over the years, we have witnessed tremendous growth and success, transforming from a mere idea into a household name across multiple sectors.

With a combined experience of over a decade in machine maintenance, our founders have cultivated significant research and development expertise. At Zico Machines, our mission is to design machines that are user-friendly, durable, and at the forefront of technological advancements. We are dedicated to delivering the highest quality, performance, and unparalleled value for your investment.

Our team at Zico Machines comprises experienced and qualified engineers, technicians, and designers who tirelessly work to create innovative and customized machines tailored to your specific requirements. Adopting the latest technology and software, we ensure that our machines are not only reliable and accurate but also highly efficient. Our commitment extends beyond the purchase, offering comprehensive after-sales services, including installation, training, maintenance, and ongoing support.

Zico Machines provides unlimited machining options within a compact surface area, from CNC machines capable of handling complex and precise operations to VMC machines that excel at multitasking. Whether you require a machine for hobby, education, prototyping, or production, we have you covered.

At Zico Machines, we pride ourselves on being more than just a machine manufacturer and supplier – we are your dedicated partner in achieving machining excellence and realizing your envisioned goals. Join us on this journey of innovation, quality, and success with Zico Machines.

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About Zico Machines Pvt. Ltd.

Zico Machines Pvt. Ltd., was established in the year 2021 to bring to Delhi NCR best machines under made in India regime of our Honourable Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi.
Zico will established itself as a leading name in the Indian Machine Tool Industry with its network of strong sales and service support and professional management.


Zico Machines Pvt. Ltd., was established in the year 2021 to bring to Delhi NCR best machines under make in India regime.

Mission & Vision

Our target is to make our presence in all sectors, specially die mould very soon.


We have developed our product basket in such a way that we can cater to a very wide range of industrial needs.

Our Services

Zico Machines Pvt. Ltd., team of highly experienced and dedicated professionals, are eager to provide quality service to customers.